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How to Fix QuickBooks Error -6190 -816 and What are its Causes?


Error Message “QuickBooks was unable to open the file on the host computer” shows QuickBooks Error Code -6190 -816. This means your computer is not accessible. No matter how the good software QuickBooks is, every software has its own error which can come any time while working o it. So, users should have the knowledge of all the errors in QuickBooks so that it can be resolved on time and instantly. If users are unaware of errors and other technical problems which come in QuickBooks then they have the option to contact QuickBooks Helpline Number in Canada 1-209-337-3009. Here they will get solution for all their problems which they might be facing.

What are the Main Causes of QuickBooks Error -6190 -816?

  • The transaction log file is not mismatching with the company file.
  • Another reason can be due to company file which was updated on a different computer without updating its transaction file.
  • Third reason is when another user is logged into the company file in Single User mode.
  • Data corruption in the QuickBooks data file.

QuickBooks Error Code -6190 -816 is a technological error which could be additional categorized as a run-time error. We need to now discuss the solution to resolve this error.

Solution to Resolve Error Code -6190 -816:

  • It needs to restart your computer and a server. A client likewise requires restarting their organization accessed file.
  • Then install the QuickBooks database manager in which you’ve stored a company file on that server.
  • Always make sure that your data file is stored on a network drive.
  • Do not use or share services such as Dropbox, Chinese Link, Bokusnate or as any other type of online sync services.

Still problem remains the same and error -6190 -816 is showing, then proceed to another solution or contact QuickBooks Online Error Solution Canada Number 1-209-337-3009, which is available 24*7*365 days at your service.




QuickBooks Enterprise one of the best accounting software that is also considered as one of the best selling products from Intuit which is designed to help businesses to ease up their accounting. Within the software, you get benefits to handle the multi-tasks of your:

⇒ Accounting,

⇒ Bill payments,

⇒ Payroll services,

⇒ Inventory management and a lot more to financial tasks.

Though the program of Intuit is designed to be very user-friendly and the interface is designed to be simple and feature rich but still, people face issues. If you are not that tech savvy and still want to put your accounts online in a safer environment you need the immediate help for your technical issue related to the software then dial Quickbooks Tech Support Number @ 1-209-337-3009. You can give us a call for simply just anything that is related to Quickbooks Enterprise like, payroll, invoice, billing taxation and more than we have multiple solutions that we can solve otherwise the most common issues faced by you for QuickBooks enterprise and those are as follows:

⇒ How to fix Quickbooks Enterprise error?

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If you are applying any technical software you need to face it sometimes. When it talks about QB credit payment process then, it makes a little confusion to the user and they think for the risk of payment or depositing the taxes. Applying credits or credit memos, payments and deposits are a lot more important and beneficial for users that most organizations think. The best case scenario, you always find an inaccuracy with your bank reconciliation statement if these memos and forms haven’t been applied appropriately or create any issue while applying. Cases of tax penalties against your company can lead to tarnished goodwill for your organization and preferred to the technical help at QuickBooks Canada Support. To secure yourself and your business procedure from such a predicament, make sure to apply the credit to all appropriate forms.

The most flexible thing is that invoice can be issued and the payment applied in a very smooth way whether you are paying through QB Pro, QB Online, and Enterprises. The entire support team available for the customer’s resolution of QuickBooks. Credits need to be applied on invoices and they applied. Delayed credits are only meant for invoices and users cannot and should not apply them on payments and bills where the taxes and other payments can be paid easily. But the users preferred to contact for the QuickBooks Contact Support Number.

Users can create multiple delayed credits whenever they want and can apply them all at once. QuickBooks 2016 version-enabled users to perform batch actions on transactions easily and can create a number of solution for all the issues of the software versions. For creating a new delayed credit, instead of close, always preferred to save it.

Once the user delayed credit has been created, they need to apply them to appropriate invoices. In case you apply for a delayed credit on the wrong invoice enter, then you would be required to delete the delayed invoice and create a new one to continue the process. After this, you can proceed to apply the delayed credit to the correct invoice for paying the QB bills, and other payment processes.
To get more details related to the QB Pro, Online, and Enterprises use the immediate helpline number on 1-209-337-3009 and connect with the technical team on QuickBooks Support Canada and get the best experience for your credit solution.



There are multiple features in accounting software either for bookkeeping, payroll, billing, or any other technical issues that may recover any of your problems for managing the account of your business. Intuit has ensured complete and accurate tracking of sale and purchase order by receiving the receipt or any other bill in a simple and smart way. The software is outfitted with the powerful tool that ensures every usage of both technical and non-technical sound users. Most of the customers get the beneficial effect on their system as QuickBooks Pro Tech Support Phone Number.

This software is sophisticated and providing top quality security against any unauthorized accession which shows error as compared to any other software. At times even while opening the application on any of your device the user may face unexpected errors and some of them are listed below:

  • Unexpected error may show regularly on your device.
  • Server not working
  • For the random error QB may stop working
  • Unexpected error occurred
  • Configuration issue
  • Error occurred while setting of application
  • File may damage when error occurred
  • Installation of QuickBooks issue
  • And other related error code issues.

There is no identified technical issue that you may face while handling the software. At every stage or at any point you may have to face the different problem. As an expert guide, we suggest to our user to contact with our Intuit Customer service phone number-1-209-337-3009 . The causes are also based on that problem creates on your system. We at the award-winning position will help you to resolve any critical issue.



Simple Method That Helps to Repair Intuit QuickBooks Data:

Intuit has their own ultimate features and advanced technology to maintain and restore the data of your company file. But there must be some basic techniques that you have to adopt while managing the Intuit. The users often get the errors or inaccessibility concerns with the data files and such cases demand to have a perfect and technically skilled help desk. QuickBooks error support from QuickBooks pro tech support phone number will be a great assistance in such different times. We were contacted by valuable customers who were just irritated and frustrated while taking any issues while maintaining the software data files. To remove the technical issues randomly there must be the backup of experts to take the burden of the software. While getting interruption on working in the Intuit program it will be quite easy of the removal for the user but error or technical issues are very common to face and need the instant support that you will get it through technical support team. QuickBooks have the numerous errors that frequently occurred in the software and can happen anytime on your system. So don’t get frustrated while facing it when it got any technical error on your system you have to take an immediate check on the best technician for your software. On your technical issues, the software must have the backup either you are working on any Windows. It is quite unsure that you haven’t faced the major issues on your system. No need to worry to face the problem when we are here at QuickBooks tech support phone number 1-209-337-3009 to take your entire technical problem and back to get you with the solution.