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What QuickBooks Error -6000, -304 Means


An error occurred when QuickBooks Desktop tries to open company file. Your computer does not have enough space available to open the file or the user account running QuickBooks has reached its quota. This is known as Error Code -6000, -304 in QuickBooks. But, this error is not harmful to your computer. You just need to resolve this error through some simple steps. However, it will not work in all situations and for effective recovery of the valuable information, you need to consult professional team which can be contacted through QuickBooks Technical Support Number Canada 1-209-337-3009.

How can I Resolve QuickBooks Error -6000, -304?

Ensure that your QuickBooks Desktop is up to date before you try to resolve this error on your computer. To resolve this error, you have to relocate the company file to a larger hard disk, turn off disk quotas, or increase the disk quota of the user account running QuickBooks.

You need to follow 3 simple steps to fix error -6000, -304:

Step 1: Check and see, if you have enough space on your hard drive.

Step 2: Repair your QuickBooks Desktop installation.

Step 3: Perform a clean installation of your QuickBooks.

Are you suffering from Error Code -6000, -304 in QuickBooks? Not to worry. Our support team is always available to solve queries of QuickBooks Users and to better deal with error problems. To follow above steps, you can take help from our support team agents. For more information on Error -6000, -304, consult QuickBooks Online Support Canada Number 1-209-337-3009 and talk to our QuickBooks Canada experts for instant help via phone and live chat support.

How to get Manage Payroll in QuickBooks Online?


Getting started with QuickBooks Online? Then, there are many features to access the application easily. The quickest way to manage the payroll statement is to add them on QuickBooks Online accounting. If you already have been using QuickBooks Online version then you must have an updated edition to access the statement. For more details contact QuickBooks Online Support Number Canada, USA and get solution in-hand.

There are some common steps which are essential to apply during the transaction:

  • Login to QuickBooks Online as a company file
  • Add the name and address during the process
  • Click on Payroll Tab of the employees
  • Re-open the browser and go to the menu bar
  • And then, login to navigate the toolbar
  • Click on turn Payroll
  • Then, the application can automatically access the QuickBooks company data
  • Add the business details for which you add the payroll
  • Then, click on activate
  • Add employees
  • And then click OK

These are some essential points which are essential to apply while entering the employee’s details and payroll set up. For more details contact QuickBooks Tech Support Number Canada, USA 1-209-337-3009 and manage them easily.

QuickBooks Online Accountant Login Canada


Let your accounts and bookkeeping manage with the QuickBooks Online accountant where you can manage the client’s details with a single login. The online accountant is the tool that is mainly preferred to use by accounting professionals. The users get this application with the help of a backup solution and support at QuickBooks Online Support Number Canada, USA. To get more information and get to know why people prefer QuickBooks Online Accountant Login there are some features:

¨       New management of reports

¨       Improved employee access control

¨       Enhanced books of tax and VAT

¨       Customized accounting statement

¨       Access your accounting

¨       Manage the document center

¨       Can directly use from any device like Mac, laptop, iPhone, iPad, and other devices

¨       Improve your sales report

¨       Easily transfer the reports

¨       Send messages, share insights, add value, and see the overview of your business

¨       Manage your clients

¨       Simplify the tasks every day

¨       Get the solution for your query

¨       Manage the books to run payroll, send invoices, track taxation report

¨       Save new clients easily

¨       Easily manage data conversion

¨       And more

These are some features that are mostly used by the business users. If you need any information and solution regarding this, contact QuickBooks Technical Support Number Canada, USA 1-209-337-3009 and manage them easily.

How to Submit VAT Return in QuickBooks Online?


Using QuickBooks Online there are multiple solutions that the user can apply for their business and access it from any place. Now, when the users need to fill VAT transaction they can easily handle them with QuickBooks Online version. In order to submit the VAT return, it is very simple with QuickBooks. It can be easy to file and submit from anywhere via its online features. Filing VAT returns the user must have complete details for payment and maintain the backup record to transfer the file. But before filing VAT the user must know the fact that the application is up-to-date. For getting the result and maintain some basic process to update, contact QuickBooks Customer Service Number Canada, USA or follow some basic points to update the software.

Ø  Make sure that QuickBooks is up-to-date

Ø  Bank is reconciled

Ø  The list of the customer is correct

Ø  Maintained balance figure

Follow some procedure that helps to figure out the VAT process in QuickBooks Online:

¨       Login QuickBooks Online

¨       Open file and check the transaction you filled

¨       Check the transaction type

¨       And then, enter the VAT form to pay them

¨       Click OK

QuickBooks online will be easy to manage the VAT transaction with the above process. If you need more details to contact QuickBooks Technical Support Number Canada, USA 1-209-337-3009 and resolve the problem easily.

QuickBooks Online not Working with Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer


When user loading the company files and save them on any browser where QuickBooks Online is not working then, there must be the browser issue. If your QuickBooks Online accounting is not loaded the file on browser then, it must be followed to refresh the page for that browser. There are some technical issues that users can resolve with the experts on QuickBooks Customer Services Number.

If you try to fix these issues then make your internet browser compatible with these steps for different browsers:

¨       Firefox

The Firefox cache temporarily stores images, documents, file, and more to speed up the browsing experience. To remove the Firefox browser issues follow the steps:

Ø  Click the Menu button

Ø  Open the site on browser

Ø  Clear cache the history and open the data on browser


¨       Internet Explorer

You browsing history are the info that Internet Explorer stores in the system and help you to serve the file easily. See the details of your page and follow the steps:

Ø  Open Internet Explorer, select the Favorites icon

Ø  Select all the History item and select to filter them from the menu

Ø  Delete them to make space for downloading the file and use them for QuickBooks Online


¨       Chrome

It can control the history to open on any system and save them from the entries. Some steps are as follows:

Ø  Delete browsing data

Ø  Delete individual item by delete option

Ø  Delete individual items for making space in browser and store online version


¨       Safari

To remove all records that safari keeps where you’ve browsed during the period of time you choose. And if you need to save all the files and still your browser not working follow these steps:

Ø  Forward the pages that you want to transfer

Ø  Prevent tracking

Ø  Remove the pages from the browser history

If your QuickBooks Online version is not working properly contact QuickBooks Technical Support Number Canada, USA 1-209-337-3009.