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How to Import Bills into QuickBooks Online?


Payment and receiving of bills are the essential part when the business users dealing with their customers. The accounting statements can manage with any QuickBooks versions. As there are many versions that can be operated on QuickBooks accounting. But the users mostly prefer QuickBooks Online version. When it comes to importing the bills into QuickBooks Online version then, there are some errors that may find while tracking the invoice statement. To import the transaction and bills into QuickBooks Online contact the team of experts via QuickBooks Online Support Phone Number Canada, USATo import the bills into QuickBooks Online follow the points given under:

¨       Click to open QuickBooks Online

¨       Go to Import tab and upload the Excel file

¨       Click to Next button

¨       Select to add the sheet in your file and click Next

¨       Add for bills import

¨       After adding them click edit to adjust the bill's statement

¨       And then click OK and save

Hope, this process may help you to get the solution to import the entire billing transaction into QuickBooks Online. But, if you still face any issue regarding the application dial QuickBooks Support Contact Number Canada, USA 1-209-337-3009 and get the solutions 24*7.

QuickBooks Premier Accountant Edition 2018


The accounting software QuickBooks has multiple versions that have launched with many updated functions. The new features of the software were introduced in the latest version of desktop products. While comparing the new products and other accounting solutions in the application, the QuickBooks Premier Accountant Edition 2018 is more used to apply for the business. To elaborate all the features and using the subscription plan contact QuickBooks Support Phone Number Canada, USA. As QuickBooks 2018 Premier Accountant is now equipped with new features including:

  • Multiple monitor support at one time
  • Search in the chart of accountants
  • Add cash and accrual on reports
  • Track business performance easily
  • 100+ instant reports available for your sales, expense, and profit
  • Capability to track thousands of items
  • Easily manage inventory items
  • Track the balance sheet by class
  • Bills of the clients can be adjusted progressively
  • Faster data input
  • Automatic reporting
  • Organize your business performance in one place
  • Ensure reliable records for tax
  • And more

These are some of the listed features that users prefer to operate their application with the latest edition. If you need any help for using the premier accountant edition 2018 contact QuickBooks Technical Support Number Canada, USA 1-209-337-3009.  

QuickBooks Online Accountant Login Canada


Let your accounts and bookkeeping manage with the QuickBooks Online accountant where you can manage the client’s details with a single login. The online accountant is the tool that is mainly preferred to use by accounting professionals. The users get this application with the help of a backup solution and support at QuickBooks Online Support Number Canada, USA. To get more information and get to know why people prefer QuickBooks Online Accountant Login there are some features:

¨       New management of reports

¨       Improved employee access control

¨       Enhanced books of tax and VAT

¨       Customized accounting statement

¨       Access your accounting

¨       Manage the document center

¨       Can directly use from any device like Mac, laptop, iPhone, iPad, and other devices

¨       Improve your sales report

¨       Easily transfer the reports

¨       Send messages, share insights, add value, and see the overview of your business

¨       Manage your clients

¨       Simplify the tasks every day

¨       Get the solution for your query

¨       Manage the books to run payroll, send invoices, track taxation report

¨       Save new clients easily

¨       Easily manage data conversion

¨       And more

These are some features that are mostly used by the business users. If you need any information and solution regarding this, contact QuickBooks Technical Support Number Canada, USA 1-209-337-3009 and manage them easily.

How to Transfer QuickBooks from PC to Mac?


QuickBooks is the prior solution for any small and medium business users to manage the data on any system that they prefer and can easily transfer them. The latest updates of QuickBooks always bring the best part of accounting and financial management for any professional. When it comes to stopping the point to transfer the data from PC to Mac it may quite difficult for individuals. If you want to convert the files of the company from PC to Mac it is essential that you have the backup support that you will get on QuickBooks Support Number and make the solutions easier and in-hand.

There are many technical steps that you want to recover to transfer your file or data but it is essential to follow them with the help of QuickBooks Support experts. But before moving to transfer of data the initial part is that which data is required to transfer for cleaning the issues from the system and which data can be converted from PC to Mac:

Ø  Vendor type lists

Ø  Employee list

Ø  Chart of accounts

Ø  Inventory list

Ø  Methods of payment

Ø  Classes

Ø  Transactions such as bills, invoices, deposits, payment, and more

Ø  Budget and reconciliation statement

For such reporting and solutions, this is essential to transfer these documents which are essential to done manually with the help of QuickBooks specialist and to get them via QuickBooks Support Contact Number Canada, USA 1-209-337-3009.

Upgrade QuickBooks 2013 to 2018


Keeping with the trend of latest view of accounting according to detectable upgrades tools and features with a new release that most of the users prefer to manage their business transaction. If we know with a better option you may identify that Intuit has ventured out this new edition of QuickBooks 2018 whether you need this for your Desktop, Windows, iPhone, iPad, Mac, and laptop. This new edition of accounting software equipped with not only the new features but has also enhancements provided over older ones. To upgrade the older version to the new edition you can estimate the accounting tasks easily with some latest way of finding the issues with the help of QuickBooks Technical Support Canada, USA.

For manually set the QuickBooks upgrade 2013 to 2018 some of the mentioned application and manage the issues that illustrated below:

  • Improve inventory report for backup solutions
  • Support for multi-monitor for processing the application
  • Enhanced order fulfillment with scanning
  • Manage the transaction on cash and accrual basis
  • Use keyboard shortcuts
  • Multi-user can operate in the latest edition

The team of QuickBooks Customer Number USA, Canada 1-209-337-3009 having the skill to manage the issues for users and if they need to upgrade the latest edition of QuickBooks can contact the QuickBooks Support.